23 Days of Prayer for '23

Let’s join together for 23 Days of Prayer for 2023! The things we pray about and the priorities we set for prayer reveal what we believe about this world, our place in it, and the God to which we pray.
Our hope is that we wouldn’t be driven to prayer out of guilt or obligation, but that it would be a natural and joyful response as we deepen our understanding for the God we pray to and life we enjoy in Christ.

This prayer journal provides an opportunity to pray intentionally together as a church family. Each day there is a short Bible reading and 5 prayer-points – a response to God’s word, general prayer, prayer for: FLC, the Shenango Valley and the World.
We encourage you to use this resource to pray as a family or join with 1-2 others to regularly pray. However, you use it, pray boldly!